In case of a life threatening emergency or very serious accident, call 911 for immediate help. For other urgent problems during the regular office hours, please notify our office staff who takes your call that it is an emergency and your phone call will be handled promptly.

For emergencies after hours, please call the regular office number. This will be forwarded to our answering service. They will call Dr. Bettencourtt, who will try to call you within 15 minutes. If you do not hear from the doctor promptly, it is ok to call again, as likely there was a problem in the message delivery to the doctor. We do request that all matters that can wait until morning do so. There is no nurse triage after hours. All calls are sent directly to Dr. Bettencourtt at home.

If possible, we suggest you call us before going to a hospital. We may be able to handle the problem less expensively and more conveniently. In addition, many insurance companies require prior notification of emergency room visits.